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Venue Decoration

Longines - horse of the year showHong Kong Equestrian Federation
Venue decoration and opening ceremony of New Asia History GalleryNew Asia College, CUHK
Venue decoration of Hui GalleryNew Asia College, CUHK
12th National Games of the People’s Republic of ChinaHong Kong Equestrian Federation
The 11th HAF Awards PresentationHopewell Real Estate Agency Limited
I really love your wThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University
The 1st Inauguration of Endowed ProfessorshipsThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Spring DinnerHopewell Holdings Limited
18th CongregationThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Re: Looking For PhotAXA China Region Insurance
The Marquee Showcase BackdropHopewell Real Estate Agency Limited
16th Asian Games Equestrian EventsHong Kong Equestrian Federation
16th Congregation DayThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Business School - Induction Day 2010UST The School of Engineering (SENG)
4th ICAC SymposiumIndependent Commission Against Corruption
World Wetland Day 2010 - “Bird Watching Festival” Education and Publicity Activities for the Hong Kong Wetland ParkAgriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department
Summer Admission ExerciseThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University- Hong Kong Community College
That\'s an expert ansThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Art Pal 2018The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
毅行人生路University of Science and Technology